Lyla Cansfield and Rachael Moreland

Our Parelli demos with be condcuted by 4* Parelli Instructor Lyla Cansfield and 3* Instructor Rachael Moreland!

Lyla has been teaching freelance throughout the UK and Europe and is the only Parelli Professional based in the UK licensed to teach Linda Parelli's Game of Contact. Rachael teaches regular Parelli courses and workshops across the country. They will be doing a liberty demo in the main arena and a starter demo in the trainers pen.

James Sheppard

James has travelled the world and has applied his skill in many countries including Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirites and Europe. He has treated horses of the highest level in all disciplines and has been used by some of the world's best stables. James is proud of his natural approach and treats each horse in a quiet and soft manner to ensure a sound experience without any stress. He will be explaining common dental issues which can be a source of ridden or behavioural issues.

Rebecca Harris

Rebecca Harris will be another demonstrator at Horsemans Calling in April Her business, Balance Horsemanship, is a holistic attitude to horse and human relationships; looking at horsemanship from a herd perspective. The aim is to assess where mental, emotional or physical issues are limiting either horse or human and helping to explain why something is happening. Rebecca has worked and trained with many different instructors including dressage instructor Lucinda Mcalphine and horsemanship trainer Charlotte Dennis. Rebecca has competed in BHS TREC and have reperesented Great Britan twice at Europen Young Riders championships. She is also part of the TREC SW comittee and helps run events in the south west. Rebecca will be demonstrating on both days at Horsemans Calling.

Jim Goddard

After seeing a demo by Monty Roberts and Kelly Marks, Jim became a student of Kelly Marks and Intelligent Horsemanship, and successfully completed the 'Monty Roberts Preliminary Certificate of Horsemanship'. He is now a Recommended Associate of Intelligent Horsemanship (IHRA), and tour manager for Monty Roberts and Kelly Marks in the UK. Jim works with his clients by breaking training down into manageable steps, easily attainable by the horse and their rider or handler, inspiring the horse to do the best possible work whether it's crossing a puddle, dealing with spooky situations or jumping a fence. See Jim demonstrate on both days.

Melanie S. Watson

Melanie has had many years experience working both in England and abroad. She was trained by the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, being in charge of dressage horses, training riders in riding schools, breaking horses, caring for TB broodmares (including foaling and rearing their offspring), learning herd, infant psychology and behaviour. Dealing with horses coming out of racing, and more. Drawing on this experience, she eventually started her own business in Skidby Yard in 1985. Melanie provides many services including starting, re-schooling and rope halter training.

Kay Maclachlan

Kay uses different techniques from around the world including natural horsemanship, conditioned response training, round pen work and various other methods depending on what suits that individual horse. Kay is also very well known for her trick ponies and we're really excited to see what we can learn and get our horses doing!

Adam Shereston

Adam's ingredients for success are good feel, intuition, balance and timing, and partnerships based on trust, respect and understanding. Visit Adam and watch is demonstration in the outside demo pen.

British Horseman's Calling, 5th & 6th April, Bury Farm Equestrian Centre, Bucks.
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British Horseman's Calling, 5th & 6th April, Bury Farm Equestrian Centre, Bucks.